Activities - Hakallevær
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Plan your activities - then you will get the most out of your stay. We can help you tailor your experiences to your wishes.


At Hakallegarden can people of all ages get a sense of how it is to live on a farm. You can walk around the farm amongst all the different animals and relax and feel the sense of living.

Surrounded by colors and animals, you can enjoy home-cooked food from the cafe, shop in the farm shop, or simply enjoy the magnificent view of Stadhavet.

Companies, families, kindergartens and other groups are welcome to visit us. We also welcome groups throughout the year outside normal business hours. See more on FB and Instagram, as well as Hakallegarden’s website.


Normally we organize kayak course during the summer months.  More information soon.


Nystøylhornet, 600meters high, this is a great 3 hours hike from Sandvikdalen.   This day hike is well suited for children and the distance is 6,5km.  From the top you get a magnificent  view  towards Sunnmøre Alps and Stadhavet.

Deep sea fishing

This is an activity that we wish to offer clients as soon as possible, we are working on it.  Prices and more information to come.

Crab and lobster fishing

It will be possible to rent a boat and traps for crab fishing. Lobster fishing starts from 1. October every year but the one in charge has to be registered as a lobster fisherman in Norway.  We can give you more information about this if you are interested in this activity.

Ocean Safari

If you are going on an Ocean Safari, you could be lucky and see a whale or seals and make this an experience of a lifetime.

Get a view of beautiful Hakallestranda from the sea, visit seal colonies and experience the puffin birds or sea eagles.    This could be an amazing experience.


Erik surf shop offers surf courses and gear rental.  And you could also get all this at the world known Hoddevik Surf School.

More information about Ervik Surf school here.
Hoddevik Surfschool information here.

Loen Skylift

This is probably Norway´s easiest hike!   It is a spectacular  attraction and experience in Stryn.

Loen Skylift elevates you from the fjord in Loen to the mountain of Hoven at 1011 meters.  This cable car is the steepest in the world , and was officially opened bye Queen Sonja on the 20th of May 2017.  More information on their website here


Vanylven Golf Club was established in 1998 and has now built a nice golf course at Eidsåvoll Stadium with a panoramic view towards Syvdsfjord.  The club opened a 6 hole course in 1999 and was later expanded to a 9 hole course in 2004.

You can also enjoy the Club House  and they have a driving range with a ball machine.  You can also rent golf clubs.  The Golf course is a 9 hole course (par 68) and over 3900 meters from yellow tee.  The course has some narrow fairways and a few  challenging bunkers.


It is possible to buy a day pass for ptarmigan hunting in Nordalen.

Randonnée / skiing

If you have the time to drive one hour, then you can get a variety of choices for Randonnée skiing in Ørsta/Volda.

We are more than happy to help you with the organization of your randonnée trip and with finding you a guide if that is needed.More information will be posted here about choices you have in regards to randonnée skiing and alpine skiing.

Northern Light / Aurora Borealis

If you have had a dream of seeing the Northern Light, aurora borealis, then you will have a chance to see this at Hakallevaer in the winter months.  The Northern Light is an extraordinary beautiful color game in the night sky.